Planned Europe Trip

Hey everyone!

Anyone have any recommendations for places to visit in any of the following locations: England near London, France in or near Paris, Germany in or near Munich, Austria, Switzerland, or Italy near Venice or Turin?

I'll be going on a longg European trip coming up here in June. I'll be over there for three weeks and its going to be quite the new experience for me. I'm going with my family and I'm definatly not looking forward to three weeks stuck in the back of a car or a small hotel room with my brothers. I'm am sooo excited to just shoot photos. I've been kind of slacking on my photography lately and this is definatly going to be a boost to the portfolio.

I'm going to be carrying a hell of alot of photo equiptment and a laptop and things to pass the time while traveling. Anyone have any good recommendations to carry these things? I have a Canon camera bag for my Digital SLR with a lens attached, 2 extra lens, 2 spare batteries, a strap, a small hand held digital camera, and I'm going to try to cram a 35mm SLR body in there too. It gets pretty heavy and i'm worried about it being stolen or me being mugged. So any recommendations to make my trip any better?