Days 2 & 3 in London..

Well i'm back in Oxted now after my third day in downtown London. Today was the first day me and the family went into the city by ourselves without the help of of hosts here. We went on the train to London Bridge first the one pictured above if you didn't know. After a quick walk across that we went into the London Tower. It was pretty cool, its like a Castle surrounded by two walls and a moat. Inside it is a tone of historical things and and and... the Crown Jewels of England. They are definatly impressive, its just incredable how gaudy and exsessive the Kings and Queens were. Huge dimonds, rubys, saphires, every precious stone you could think of. So we stayed there for a few hours then took another few trains in the Underground to the Imperial War Museum. That place was alright, just loads and loads of military things like tanks, planes, uniforms, guns, movies, posters, everything about every war.
Yesterday we went into London and went to Ian's (our host here) coffee business. That was quite interesting and got to try some great Columbian coffee. We went with they're family to the Borough Market for lunch. I ate an Ostrich burger and it wasn't half bad. After that we went to the Tate Modern art Museum, and let me tell you that has been the highlight of the trip for me. I got to see sooo many of my favorite artists and there pieces. Picasso, Monet, Warhol, Rauschenberg, Oldenberg, Kadinsky, Magrit, Lichtenstien, Pollock, Bacon, Rothko, Miro, and Dorethe Lange photography. Thats not even all of it either, i coud walk around there for days, its in an old power station and is just hugeeeee. So after a drink at the bar we started to walk to Covent Garden Market. On the way i saw two, count'em two, Banksy graffiti pieces. At the market we walked around for awhile and i bought a piece of photography, some banksy cards, and a gift for Elyse. After that we came home for dinner where i crashed like a baby.

Tomorrow i'm going to a castle and i think Brighton beach so i'll keep you updated.