My new job

So I have a job as a Graphic designer! I'm working for a guy named mike at Sherard design in Hyde Park, Tampa. He has me working on this project for a group called Seal Strong Nation. They are a group of retired navy seals who train high school kids who want to go into the navy seals. They put the kids through a 36hour challenge to train them in preparation for "hell week." I've been helping him design and build the website, logos, and t-shirts. Its a bit of a drive from my house, almost forty minutes, and through six dollars worth of tolls everyday. I've been working five days a week about four hours a day and its already been great on the job experience. Not only is it amazing to get the training from a professional but hes paying me pretty damn well. I'll be making around a grand a month, just to learn what I'm interested in! I've attached a few of the t-shirt logos i've been working on. The website is www.Sealstrongnation.com if you guys want to take a look.