New tattoo

So i went and got a new tattoo this last weekend. I went to a place called Armadillo Reds in St.Cloud which is near Orlando. I had been leaning back and forth about what i wanted as a new tattoo. I was thinking about getting a polish crest on my arm as a memorial tattoo for my grandmother but it just didn't seem like the right time. So i had be doing some sketches and researching different music lyrics. I narrowed my search down to The Beatles and just started picking out quotes I liked. I came across the song "All you need is love," which had always been one of my favorites growing up. I chose the line " There's nothing you can do that can't be done." as my favorite of everything I found. It really just pushed the point in my brain that nothing is impossible. I can do anything I want and so can all of you. Just get up and do what interests you and make yourself a better person.
I went into the tattoo parlor looking for an artist named Albert but I was turned to a woman named Jessica. After looking through her portfolio I figured she could do a great job. So I showed he my artwork and idea and she was pretty excited. She ended up starting on my tattoo about an hour later. Four hours later I was leaving with a pretty awesome tattoo. I sat like a champ through the whole thing. The outlines went down with ease but all of the color and shading hurt like hell! Either way it was all worth it. Heres some pictures for you guys to check out..