The Strangers...

So i just got back from seeing "The Strangers" with my girlfriend Elyse and I would say its worth seeing if your into suspense. It keeps you on your toes for sure. I'm kind of indifferent on the ending of the movie but I guess go find out for yourself. Apparently its a hoax thats its based on true events thought... a website made it up and the movie played it off to get viewers to come. Think what you'd like though... it was just ok for me.
I've been in Kissimmee this whole weekend and it has been great. I've been staying with Elyse and her family. Shes pretty much the best thing in my life that i've lived so far. Today we went with her mother to get her first tattoo. I'm happy that her mother supports her and her creativity and now even has one herself. My dad isn't exactly 'happy' with me and my new tattoo. I just don't appreciate the fact that he won't even look at it, like hes turning his nose up to me. Either way i'll still get more even if he doesn't like them. I like them and how they look and how most people react to them.