Open my eyes...

Tonight I had a long talk with a few different people about alot of different things. I realized that there is a level of love you can give somebody, theres just too much sometimes. I guess I never realized that love sometimes becomes overwhelming in life. Sometimes people just want to live their lives and continue with the lives they had before the love they know overcame them. I've always been a very sensitive person and have always been ready to listen to people when they had a problem, but I never really had someone like me to talk to when I had a problem and it kind of skewed my views on lots of things. I realized tonight that i'm just another person in everyones lives and where they put me in order of importance is up to them. I can't keep letting myself look into the future with hopes of details that may never come. I need to sit back and enjoy the 'now' of life and be more random and fun. Everything doesn't have to be about advancing my future or trying to help someone with theirs. I just need to get back on my skateboard because i'm still a kid when it comes down to it. I had a life before college and friends and things that I always enjoyed. I let myself sink to far into a trance once I got to college that i need to get out of and reconnect with things I lost. I know what I have, and hope that everyone in life can step back and realize that hey 'shit ain't that bad after all.' I may be upset about somethings and happy with others but what comes down this road i'll deal with it when it becomes an issue. For now i'm just going to look forward to a vacation and break from my world to get lost in another.

Goodnight my friends.