Your the one.

Sitting by my side
with the desire to make nice.
I see your eyes tear up
and my stomach begins to dump.
i don't know what to do
i sometimes get lost when it comes to you.
i want to make it all right
but i just don't know what you need tonight.
Sometimes i wish you would talk to me
but i know thats how you'll never be.
Its ok that you do your own thing
just remeber that i'm the one who makes your heart sing.

I'll always be the one listen
as long as i can always be forgiven,
for every mistake i make
however many people i leave bruised in my wake.
You'll always be the one i go to
for anything i need you to do,
because i know you will always be there
always ready to help me through a scare.
This ring i wear is for you alone
and i proudly show it off and make you so very known.
i know that the moonlit kiss we shared
was a kiss that was full of all of the love i could bare.
Those nights where you would cuddle on top of my arm,
i knew that you would never do my heart any harm.

I've known now for quite awhile
that you were the one that i had fallen trial
to a judge of my love for you
and i think all verdicts have proven me true.

You are the one who i love
and that will always be true until pigs fly from above.